Election Day Countdown
      November 8, 2016





Welcome to the Iowa Prosperity Project


During each election cycle, candidates for local, state and federal office will establish platforms and advocate for policy reform. Understanding those platforms and their potential impact is critical to making informed decisions at the ballot box.

Use this website as a resource to research and learn more on where candidates and elected officials stand on issues important to Iowa employees, industry sectors and consumers. Political participation is a cornerstone of American democracy. Your voice, your vote and your opinion matter. 


2016 Election Center

Welcome to the iavotes.com 2016 Election Center, which has all the tools you need to register to vote, research candidates, request an absentee ballot or find your polling place to vote on Election Day. The resources on this page will help you use your voice to vote. 


Compare the Candidates   

See where candidates stand on issues important to Iowa voters. 

View our candidate comparisons in the following races:

U.S. Senate

1st Congressional District

3rd Congressional District 

Take The Pledge to Vote Local  

There are many races to consider on the ballot at all levels of government that will have an impact on your job and daily life. Click here to learn more about our down ballot initiative and pledge to vote local in this election.





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